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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Batman-Girl Nash

So my preggo sister Sarah, and my nephew Lochlan, and bro-in-law Cory, came to visit from Hawaii last spring... I of course couldn't wait to get my henna cone on her belly!  Lochlan thinks his baby sister's name should be Baby Batman Girl Nash.... I think his parents will MAYBE come up with something a wee bit more traditional when the time comes (which is now quickly approaching!). 

I decided to stick with the underwater theme that I used before Lochlan was born, but instead of Lochlan's Octopus' Garden, I went with a Frilly Koi.

I started out doing this design in front of the big picture windows at my parents house.... I had to hurry and finish, as a big storm and possible tornado were headed our way, so I took the pictures and we headed downstairs to a safer part of the house.  As we were waiting out the storm, Sarah was lying down in the hallway, I ran upstairs, grabbed my henna cone, because I couldn't resist adding more and more details, as you can see here in the "after" picture.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Henna Stains Darken

When Henna paste first comes off the resulting stain is quite faint, a light orange color, then as the first few days pass, the color deepens and becomes a darker, richer brown.

Here is an example of how the color darkens in a few days time.

Photos: Paul Djupe

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Gust Henna

I had a wonderful appointment for maternity henna with a beautiful artsy couple here in Columbus. I knew from the time I knocked on the door that I would like these people, since they had a "support the arts--Columbus Museum of Art" sticker on their storm door. The dad had his photographs all over the house and the mom is a gourmet chef, so we had a great time talking food and art while I was there. I loved hearing about their "geurilla" style wedding at the Chicago Institute of Art.

The dad-to-be took pictures while I was working, and was kind enough to send them to me that very night.
Aren't they wonderful!?

Photo credits: Paul Djupe